The Mission





The vision came from a report in the 1970s, which noticed that many peoples in the world had not heard the Gospel. 


First meeting in Lausanne

The first idea for the vision came in 1974 when all the churches in the world met in Lausanne.

    there was a need to have structures for     evangelism. But in the conscience of     many people, Mission means     evangelization. So it is in the same year     that people started to talk about holistic     mission; and the fifth (5) point of     Lausanne document talks about     development as part of the church     activities 

Pastor Don Penny, missionary from the Baptist Mission in Senegal.

World Vision and Billy Graham were the initiators of Lausanne. John Stott wrote the report of Lausanne. About 6.000 Ethnic groups at that time did not receive the Gospel. They invited the world to talk about that. 


MIS is created

In 1985, The Evangelical Fellowship of Senegal (FES) tried to create an office of development. 


The office is Created

The office was created, Pastor Adama Diouf integrated World Vision at this year.


NaProED to MIS

The Evangelical Fellowship of Senegal invited World Vision to create The National Program of Evangelism and Development (NaProED); which will change into Mission inter Senegal (MIS).


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